Fire Codes


The adoption of the State of Georgia Fire Codes can be found under Chapter 18, Article I of the Code of Bartow County. This adoption includes the new sections 18-1: Adoption of State Minimum Fire Safety Standards, and section 18-2: Existing Buildings and Special Historical Buildings. 



Primary codes for State of Georgia and Bartow County Fire Department can be found under the Rules and Regulations found on the Georgia State Fire Marshal’s Office website ( 120-3-3 contains reference Table 102.10: Codes Reference Guide on page 4. This table is to be used as a guide for locating fire code requirements for different building areas. Beside the "Area" in the table will list the primary reference source for the fire code and also any supplementary information. 


The following is from the OFFICE OF INSURANCE AND SAFETY FIRE COMMISSIONER and lists the facilities under the jurisdiction of the state official code of Georgia annotated 25-2-13 (O.C.G.A). 


1. Buildings of structures 4 or more stories in height. 

2. Buildings 3 or more stories in height and used by 3 or more families as a residence, with individual cooking and bathroom facilities. Nothing in the code shall apply to any individually owned residential unit. 

3. Buildings with more than 15 sleeping accommodations for hire (hotels, motels, dorms, or boarding houses). 

4. Personal care homes subject to being licensed by DHR and having at least 7 beds for non-family adults. 

5. Schools of grade 1-12 having more than 15 students in attendance at any given time. All state funded kindergarten programs. 

6. Colleges, universities, and vocational-technical schools (academic, administrative, and public assembly buildings), health care centers, orphanages, convalescent homes, and old age homes. 

7. Racetracks, stadiums, and grandstands. 

8. Places of assembly (theaters, auditoriums, recreational halls, etc.) having an occupant load of 300 or more without alcohol and 100 or more where alcoholic beverages are served (clubs, taverns, nightclubs, etc.). Churches having an occupant load of 500 or more persons in a common are or having an occupant load greater than 1000 persons based on total occupant load of the building or structure. 

9. Department stores and retail mercantile establishments having a gross floor area of 25,000 sq. ft. on any one floor or having three or more floors open to the public. Shopping centers and malls assessed upon the basis of the entire area covered by the same roof or common walls; provided nothing in this code section shall apply to single story shopping centers subdivided into common areas of less than 25,000 sq. ft. by a wall or walls with a 2-hour fire resistance rating and where there are unobstructed exit doors in the front and rear of every such individual occupancy which opens directly to the outside. 

10. Group day-care and day-care facilities which are licensed by DHR as follows; 

        a) Group day-care having 7 to 12 children,

        b) Day-care having more than 12 children. 

11. All hospitals, jails, nursing homes, ambulatory health centers, penal institutions are to be reviewed by the Safety Fire Division except that state prisons are to be reviewed by the Department of Corrections. 



Important contact information for Inspections: 

Building Inspection 770-387-5005
Engineering 770-387-5067
Zoning 770-387-5007
Informational Service Business License 770-387-5015
Water Department 770-387-5170



                                                Building Inspection Plan Review Application 

The application to have building plans inspected and reviewed can be found in the following link. All required documents must be submitted in order for the plans to be accepted for reviewing. Checks to pay for the fee must be written out Bartow County. Plans are to be submitted to Building Inspections Department located at 135 West Cherokee Ave, Ste 120 Cartersville, GA 30120. Hours for plans to be submitted are Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The office number to the Building Inspections Department can be found in the table above. 

Click here to access the Building Inspection Review Application. 


                                               FIRE MARSHAL INSPECTION APPLICATION FOR BUSINESS LICENSE

Click here to access the Fire Marshal inspection application for a business license. 







WHEREAS, Bartow County adopted an ordinance relating to the enforcement of Fire Codes on May 16, 2012; and 

WHEREAS, the Fire Chief and Fire Marshal have recommended the adoption of a fee schedule to regulate the fees charged by the Fire Marshal; and 

WHEREAS, the Commissioner deems it to be in the best interest of the citizens of Bartow County to amend the Code to reflect a fee schedule for Fire Marshal activities and inspections.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, and it is hereby ordained, that Chapter 18, Article I of the Code of Bartow County is hereby amended as follows: 

I. New Section 18-3 is adopted as follows: 

Sec. 18-3. Fees

(a) The following fee schedule is adopted. For purposes of the fee schedule, "gross floor area" shall be that area in square feet under the roof line of the structure including all usable areas whether heated or not, above and below grade. Such areas include the garage and any unheated storage rooms or attachments including covered decks. If it is usable space, it is included in the gross square footage calculation. 

(b) Specific fees (all square footage gross floor area): 

Plan Review:       

Up to 5,000 sq. ft.:  $ 100.00
Over 5,000 sq. ft.:  $     0.02 / sq. ft.


50%, 80%, 100% and annual:  No charge
First follow up:  No charge
Second follow up:  $ 150.00
All other follow up:  $ 200.00
After hours (at builder's request): $ 100.00
New Tenant inspection (when required for Business License):  
         Less than 5,000 sq. ft.: $   25.00
         5,000 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft.:  $   50.00
         Over 15,000 sq. ft.:  $ 100.00


Certification Inspections:  $    50.00
        Personal Care Homes not under State Fire Marshal  
        Day Cares not under State Fire Marshal  
        Room & Board Establishments not under State Fire Marshal  


Fireworks display permit: $   50.00
       per event per day without fire department standby and outdoor  
       non-covered display. The permit will have to be completed with  
       inspection of site prior to Bartow Probate Court issuing a license.  


Fire Works sales tent display: $   75.00


Site plan review for Fire Department access, hydrant location, etc. $   75.00


NFPA 96 Hood vent plan review and inspection: $   75.00


Above ground fuel tanks 600 gallons or less site plan plus inspection: $   75.00


Sprinkler plans review:   
             Up to 15,000 sq. ft.: $ 100.00
             Over 15,000 sq. ft.: $ 150.00


Fire Alarm plan review:   
            Up to 15,000 sq. ft.:  $    75.00
            Over 15,000 sq. ft.:  $  125.00


Commercial Pit Burns: $ 200.00 per pit site


False Alarm:   
For commercial and industrial premises:   
1st false alarm No charge
2nd false alarm in same calendar year   $      75.00
3rd false alarm in same calendar year $    125.00
4th false alarm in same calendar year $    200.00
5th false alarm in same calendar year   $    500.00
6th and subsequent false alarm in same calendar year   $ 1,000.00



For residential premises:  
1st false alarm No Charge
2nd false alarm in same calendar year $   25.00
3rd false alarm in same calendar year $   75.00
4th false alarm in same calendar year $ 125.00
5th false alarm in same calendar year $ 200.00
6th and subsequent false alarm in same calendar year $ 500.00



False alarms are those alarms caused by faulty detectors that do not get fixed, faulty systems, careless human activity and similar matters. Alarms caused by lightning or other matters beyond human control shall not count towards this penalty. Any assessment of a false alarm charge shall be appealable to the Fire Chief.


Fire extinguisher class: $ 10.00 each person - minimum 4 persons per class.


This amendment shall take effect on September 1, 2013.